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I like to build things, take photos, and write about ideas and experiences. So in '98 I built a website that reflects my interests. I've since written about living in Australia and Japan, writing a sci-fi novel, marrying the girl of my dreams, and raising a couple of healthy but lunatic kids. It's been a blast. Nowadays I find myself writing about risk management, which is what I do for a living; but I don't do that here.

If you're a member of the family you can see the kids' website here.


I named this website emuu.net after my initials, em and double-u. I told the story of its history in my journal when I realized that fifteen years had passed. I built the content management system that runs this site, I designed the two-layer software scheme that provides the performance and security.


rand()m quote (In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.

-Robert A. Heinlein

reader comments
gravatar for Kevin Atwood
Hey - I was just checking out your photography. You have a real talent there. Some of those pictures are very interesting. (Cute kids too). I just re-tooled my music studio. It's like going from Frankensteins's lab to a alien base on the moon. It's friggen' cosmic!
Kevin Atwood
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks for that, Kevin! Good to hear that you're still working in (and on) the home studio.

We've just launched our business, by the way (see link in upper-right).
gravatar for AdelaideBen
Just popping in to say hi, and to have a bit of a look around (looks like I could be looking a while).
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Welcome!
gravatar for Margaret
Hi Michael. It's been a while.....

I hope you are doing great and you are happy in Japan. Good luck ,

gravatar for Michael Werneburg Hello, Margaret! Thanks for writing.

I'm back in Canada as of this January. We came back after two grueling years of the economic downturn in that country. Happily, it was about two months before the earthquake, tsunami, and the incident at the nuclear power plant.

How's everything on the west coast? I see the B&B's still on the go. 8)
gravatar for mom
wow. I'll bet he will remember it, too.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg This morning he was talking about a time that you and he and I and his mum went for a walk in a tunnel in a forest. After asking him a few more questions I think we're pretty sure that he was talking about the bamboo forest in Kyoto. When he was about nine months old. Does that make any sense at all?
gravatar for kat (not kitty!!)
this is pretty after the fact but it just came to my attention that there was a hello kitty hell website. i started reading comments and saw yours wondering if the canadian really made the hello kitty combat patch on his fatigues. i can assure you he did because i am his sister and i heard about it and saw pics of it back then!! just the irreverent family humour coming thru! there are only 2 patches and he was in afghanistan at the time. i was amused to see all sorts of kitty sacriliges on the website!! long live a warped sense of humour!! :) Chuckling Canuck
kat (not kitty!!)
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Good to know! Thanks for taking the time to write.

Is your brother back in Canada?
gravatar for James

Thanks much for the shitlist!

Spammers are the devil's spawn.

gravatar for Michael Werneburg Can't say it's been a pleasure to build, but I'm glad you found it useful James.
gravatar for Tony
I have some question relating to jewelry photography and I was wondering if you might be kind enough to provide some insight.

The article you wrote was great but there are still some question left unanswered

Thank you
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Happy new year, Tony. I'm not sure that there's a lot more I can add about photographing jewelry, but what would you like to know?
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