adventures in photography

m. werneburg, 2000.03

These are my humble adventures in photography. Encounters with wildlife and humans, issues with equipment, and a few oddballs to round it out.

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photography tale: tressel bridge


Once upon a time I did something mildly daft while on a photo hike. I decided to cross a tressel bridge that spanned a broad valley, including both a river and two busy six-line highways.

photography tale: rock climbing


When I was just starting out with SLR photography, I went on a weekend rock-climbing jaunt in the Rockies with some friends. Guess who hadn't yet learned to load his film?

photography tale: blue lagoon


I've been to the blue lagoon in Fiji. I even brought my camera gear. If I'd brought just one more crucial component, I'd have some photos to show!

photography tale: dont take that photo


Once upon a time, a bootlegger prevented me from taking a photo of his operation during a black-out.

photography tale: the Japanese woodsman


How to win friends and influence people in Japan. Or: when a Japanese woodsman doesn't want you photographing him at work.

photography tale: Queensland estuary


When photographing crocodiles, you're hunting for a good photo. They're hunting, too.

photography tale: mountain top and meteorites


In the Autumn of 2001, I joined some friends in photographing a meteorite shower. But we didn't do it half-assed. We did it from a remote mountain-top.

photo scavenger hunt


Here's a little photographic project you can try.

streets without names


This is my book of street photography from Tokyo. An eighty-page distillation of ten thousand photos taken from the nameless streets of the world's largest city over the years 2005–2010.

rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

I’d see the publicity guy come on the set and I’d go hide in the rafters. The crew would be like, ‘I haven’t seen him.’ And then they’d leave and I’d go back to work. Because that’s what’s fun: the doing, not the talking.

-Kurt Russell

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