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m. werneburg, 2002

Once upon a time I reviewed a broad range of things including electronics, airlines, banks, telephone companies, music albums ... even theater performances. Eventually a time came when I had to look at these critically, and I decided that I was writing fairly inconsistent reviews about things where I had little real expertise.

So I took them all offline.


But my camera reviews I wanted to keep, so I rewrote them during 2008 to use a consistent formula and style. These reviews cover cameras I've used extensively—I do not write about any camera I haven't owned.

Lastly, the focus is on the use of the camera and any knacks for getting results from the thing. Enjoy.

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Sometimes the leather on old cameras gets worn, or starts to peel. It's happened to a couple of my cameras. The perfect opportunity to have the thing recovered!

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A short review of the Minolta X-700, the SLR with which I learned a lot about photography. It's a well-built, well-designed model—don't let the plastic exterior fool you.

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My review of the Olympus 35DC, an excellent little rangefinder that produces great work (and now costs a song!).

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The Minolta XD was perhaps Minolta's finest hour as a manufacturer. This is a camera that is a joy to use, and yields remarkable results.

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(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

Meaning is not something you stumble across, like the answer to a riddle or the prize in a treasure hunt. Meaning is something you build into your life. You build it out of your own past, out of your affections and loyalties, out of the experience of humankind as it is passed on to you, out of your own talent and understanding, out of the things you believe in, out of the things and people you love, out of the values for which you are willing to sacrifice something. The ingredients are there. You are the only one who can put them together into that unique pattern that will be your life. Let it be a life that has dignity and meaning for you. If it does, then the particular balance of success or failure is of less account.

-John Gardner

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