a decade ends

Tokyo, 2009.12.23

A decade ends in eight days. I've seen a fair bit of fuss about it in the media, all of a sudden.

People complain about what a bad time this nameless decade was. Time called it The Decade From Hell. Other people complain that there wasn't even a really big music album for everyone to agree that was good.

Fie, I say. Fie. This was a tough time in certain respects, it's true. Everyone seemed to have a hunkered-down, unhappy mentality for a lot of the time. And it's true, the news was mostly not good. But we've only got one life to lead, and I certainly didn't wait around for things to get better. So while everyone else is griping and looking back at a lost time, I'd like to report on the good stuff that happened to me this decade.

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

In the wake of 9/11, we [in America] have made the decision as a society that we can never again create something in which we can take pride, for fear that someone will destroy it. Moreover, we must suppress any trace of individualism, lest someone have the desire to rise above the bland sameness that protects us. I have, alas, no idea how to recapture our courage.

-Anonymous post to boingboing.net, 2009

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