USA goes to the moon .. or not

Toronto, 2011.06.05

I saw this yesterday on the recommendation of a friend.

It's about the faking of the moon landing. It covers two bits of analysis into the simultaneous projects that Kubrick was involved in: the moon landing and the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"). It reveals how the lunar landing images and live action film could have been produced. It also covers the tell-tale evidence contained in the photos themselves; a bit of photoshop work reveals the stitched together backdrop screens.

Stepping from that dual analysis, it discusses Kubrick's struggles to deal with what he'd done in his selling out to The Man. Moving on to "The Shining", we get an interpretation of the stress and enormity of it.

Not sure how much of it to believe, but it is a neat little explanation. I'd love to know what Stephen King thought when he saw Kubrick's "The Shining". Well, the Internet provides.

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