back in Toronto and vowing to do better

Toronto, 2017.07.20

Having witnessed Ottawa's mature network of cycle lanes, my resolve is doubled to do something about Toronto's unsafe streets. We're living decades in the past, in this town, despite the transformation that's happening in transportation. Fewer young people are obtaining a drivers license. Electric vehicles are reducing the size and weight (not to mention the sound and fury) of cars, reducing at last the footprint of the single-occupant motor vehicle. Transit is rapidly improving in many way, but specifically in technology- and data-improved efficiency. And then there's driverless cars, which will enable many forms of sharing vehicles, greatly improve the safety of the roads, stabilize speeds, and allow us to eliminate lanes.

With our roads becoming less hostile to the users of lightest vehicles, the bicycle's going to become the preference for more and more people.

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

Selfish leaders increase risk by placing themselves first. It's a fundamental mistake to assume that what is good for us personally is mutually exclusive to what is good for everyone. That kind of zero-sum game is for cowards, and in the end, we all pay the price for this type of latent, toxic leadership.

-Col. Eric G. Kail

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