beater bike don't go too fast

Toronto, 2017.11.25

I patched up everything I could on my beater bike, a 25 year old mountain bike with extended handlebars and seat post.

But the front dérailleur turned out to be missing a part, and it had long since seized up. So, it was back to the bike shop, where I'm becoming a regular. They had to order the part, sadly.

It rides so nicely, I tend to forget. I think it must have been purchased with expensive components somewhere in the mix (the wheels?). With shorter crank arms and 26" wheels, it'll be a lot more pedaling. But those smaller wheels and mountain bike gears and chainrings, it's much easier to start than my cyclecross. And it's much lighter, maybe only 2/3 the weight. It'll be fun to ride for the months when there's salt on the roads.

Three good things that happened today:

  1. Really getting into a book on how your thoughts and experiences shape your brain.
  2. The weather was a balmy 9C or so while I was working on the bike.
  3. I'm pleased with my skills with bike repairs. I really noticed the difference over when I last performed surgery on the bike (maybe 4-5 years ago).

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

For a long time I was very bitter that the people who controlled the means of anybody ever hearing my songs were never gonna play them. They only favored music that I specifically and particularly hated, and I wanted them dead. Suddenly, there was another avenue. I started hearing my stuff coming out of bars and then it started to happen little by little — a movie song here or a TV ad there.

-Iggy Pop

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