the Tokyo train museum

Toronto, 2018.07.05

Today went to Omiya - the distant part of the city where Tokyo's fine train museum can be found. It's a really good day for nerds of all ages.

the main train room

It's no longer a collection of trains. There's a brand new wing (we attended on opening day) with simulators for learning to pilot a train (is that the right word?). And of course the model train layout, which seems to have expanded over the ~8 years since our last visit. Even The Girl got into it, and she's developed a habit of telling everyone loudly that certain things had no value at all. Such as the short animated movie we were lucky enough to preview at the Ghibli museum.

It's like someone at the model train store told us when we were buying The Boy's kit: no one looks at a model train layout and says, "Well that's crap."

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

Well, someone once told me that life is divided in three parts: at first, you have time and inclination but lack money. Then, you have money and inclination but lack time. Finally, you have money and time but lack inclination. :-)

-Andreas Plath

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