my grandfather's funeral speech

m. werneburg, 1999

This is the speech I wrote for my grandfather's funeral. Writing a funeral speech is difficult work, and while I don't wish it on anyone I'm sharing this for those with that chore before them.

I gave this on the day before my 28th birthday, during the kind of snowstorm that keeps all but funeral-goers off the road. On the way there, my (then live-in) girlfriend lost control of the car. Only half an hour before the service was due to start, the car was nose-first in a ditch. We were still 30 kilometers from town. Needless to say, we arrived late, rattled, and apologetic.

Knowing that I might be reading this speech through tears, I printed the thing in large type. But in the end, it wasn't necessary. Perhaps our little car crash sharpened my focus, because I was not overcome as the other speakers were.

I'm not sure that these were the things I wanted to say, or that they'd be the things I'd say tomorrow if I had to. But that's the hell of funeral speeches, you can't plan them ahead of time, or write them after you've gotten used to the deceased's passing....

By posting this, I hope it might help someone in some way.

For those who don't know me, my name is Michael Werneburg. I want to say a few words in memory of my grandfather.

Kenneth McKenzie Johnston lived a remarkable life, one that inspired me greatly. His adventurous attitude, his broad range of interests, and his happy demeanor made him a wonderful person to know. He was patient, and generous with his time and affection.

He always took an interest in the people he met: there were few people he wouldn't engage at any time or place. I introduced him to many of my friends over the years, and they always told me how interesting he'd been.

My grandfather pursued his many endeavors diligently, and always rose to meet a challenge. I always felt that he expected the same of me, too.

He was philosophical in his approach to life. He especially had a great perspective when it came to the little things, never displaying anger or impatience. Instead, he showed a great dignity and humor.

He extended this philosophy no matter what obstacle he faced. I have always admired this trait as it doesn't seem to have been handed down.

The strength of his character showed even in criticism. With a few wry words, my grandfather could be far more damning than most people could achieve with any strong language.

I'll miss the news of his strange adventures, and I'll miss the stories from the seven continents he visited; I'll miss the tales of evil two-year-old grandchildren; about his old friends; and his 'child bride'. Stories he told again and again, in the same exacting detail with every telling.

I'll miss his perspective and his gentle humor. I'll miss the surprising depth and scope of his knowledge. I'll miss the warmth he extended to everyone he met.

I will miss my grandfather dearly. But I will treasure his memory forever.

Reading it, years later, I see that it misses the mark a bit. But then, there was no need to mention things like the man's constant criticism or his refusal to stop driving though he'd begun to drift off behind the wheel.

And there was one item that I really should have mentioned though it might have been difficult for the audience. As a doctor, my grandfather spent his career pushing his patients to come clean with their loved ones whenever he had to tell those patients that they were at the end of their life. But my grandfather never did this with us, he just kept it to himself for at least two years, puttering around the house labeling items according to whom he intended to leave them following his death.

I mention this now because it's been more than a decade since I gave this speech, and it's only now that I realize that I had a chance to send an important message to my grandfather's colleagues. This was the only chance I'd ever have in my life to speak before a room full of doctors about an important matter.

But I guess that's expecting too much for a young man giving his first funeral speech. I'll leave it to anyone who finds this page to consider the matter if they're crafting a speech of their own.

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reader comments
gravatar for Matty
the best funreal speech to a grandfather i have ever heard

gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks, Matty. Many people have commented over the years, I'm glad to have helped.
gravatar for -Ellen
Thankx my grandfather just died yesterday and I can't write speeches for the life of me you,ve gave me some good topics and ideas!!!!!!
gravatar for Michael Werneburg I'm sorry for your loss, Ellen, and am glad that I could help.
gravatar for Ian
I'm giving a speech for my grandfather's funeral this Friday. Your post was the first hit on Google and I found it very inspiring. Thank you for posting.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Glad I could help in some way, Ian.
gravatar for ted
i luv this speech i am even using it for my assignment
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Glad it was of use. Can I ask, what assignment involves funeral speech writing?
gravatar for Natalie
Hi just wanted to say a big thank-you for sharing your speech. I will be speaking at my grandfathers funeral on wednesday and it as helped me alot. It is inspiring, well written and has an honest approach that i also wanted to convey. By the way i dont think you should be too harsh on yourself looking back at your speech 10 years on. I think when you are grieving you always focus on a persons positive points- if you cant forgive them for their flaws in death when can you??

thanks again

gravatar for Michael Werneburg Very glad I could help. I think you raise a good point, too. Fare well in your difficult time.
gravatar for Courtney-Jade
I am thirteen and my granddad died in the early hours of this morning and i got asked to say the speech at his funeral so i thought i might get on it right away because i knew it would take a long time to write it correctly then i read this and it brought a tears to my eyes its beautiful. If you don't mind could i use some of it in my speech please. xxx
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Please feel free to use any part of the speech if it can help you. I'm sorry to hear of your loss and wish you all the best.
gravatar for Ashlee
I am 11 and nd, it's my Great-grandmothers funeral is today and I needed to write a sppech. This was the first one that popped up on Google. Thank you so much. And, it's beautifully written.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks for your kind words. I hope your speech went well. All the best to you and your family, Ashlee.
gravatar for pheyie
tnxs so much for this wonderful speech,this is the most suitable speech for my class project
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Glad it could help. I'm always curious when I see this sort of comment - how this could be a class project....
gravatar for Jason
Hello Michael,

My name is Jason and I have been working on my grandfathers eulogy for about a day now. I have most of my thoughts written in note form. I was looking for "how to compose a eulogy" when I came across your post. I liked your format and remember that the notes on the bottom contained some good advise on how write and prepare.. I found the link but I can no longer open the page.. I was hoping if you had time tonight or tomorrow that you could copy the page with the eulogy and notes underneath.and email it back to me... It would be a great help.

Thank you,

gravatar for Michael Werneburg Hi, Jason. The website's server software wasn't working for some reason. I've restarted the server and all is well. Thank you for the warning that it wasn't working.

It's not easy, coming up with the right words when you've just lost someone. At my grandmother's funeral I was unable to speak because I'd just gone through the breakup of an engagement to marry and despite her being very dear to me I couldn't get through it.

All the best with your writing endeavor.
gravatar for Ummi
awww..Michael. dis is really good for my class project and for my deceased uncle. Thanks for this Michael
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Odd combination of uses, but I'm glad it could help. Thanks for writing.
gravatar for Tatianna
This is touching.. my PawPaw passed on Sep 20... TRYING to make a scrapbook... I was looking for something to put in it... Thank you very much!
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Sorry to hear of your loss. Good luck with your project.
gravatar for krish
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Inciteful!
gravatar for Hopen
The best speech I have ever heard, it really helped me write a speech for my grandfather. Thanks so much Michael
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Glad it could help!
gravatar for Diane
Hi Mike you've made my day.I was crying my heart out remembering the very good things about my mother who expired on April 25th of 2011,I was searching for my sons speech that he gave for his grandmother for comfort that was posted on You Tube.Then I came accross your speech how inspiring my tears were dried immediately,I kept reading & reading, the more I read the better i felt.I wouild like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that inspiration.All the very best for 2012 with Gods richest blessings.Peace.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Very glad to hear it, Diane. All the best to you as well.
gravatar for Tracy
Thank you so much for sharing this my grandad passed away a week ago and I want to talk about him tomorrow at his funeral but I'm struggling. Your speech has given me the inspiration required. Thank you
gravatar for Michael Werneburg All the best, Tracy.
gravatar for Kelly
This speech was truely inspireing. my grandad died of pancreatic cancer and was taken so quickly. i wanted a speech that would make him proud and with this speech you have given me some amazing and incredible ideas. THANK YOU :D
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Very glad that it could be of some help. Thanks for writing!
gravatar for Kelly
This speech was truely inspireing. my grandad died of pancreatic cancer and was taken so quickly. i wanted a speech that would make him proud and with this speech you have given me some amazing and incredible ideas. THANK YOU :D
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Kelly, I'm not sure whether I've already responded to your comment, but I'm very glad I could help.

All the best to your family.
gravatar for Jake Robinson
My grandfather passed away last week. I want to thank you for this. All the best.

God Bless
Jake Robinson
gravatar for Michael Werneburg My pleasure, Jake. Thanks for leaving your comments, and best wishes to you and your family.
gravatar for Carrie
Hi Michael,

Thank you soo much for sharing this. I had to write a speech today for a dear friends funeral. I searched for hours trying to find help on how to do it and what to write. When I came across your speech everything just fell into place. It turned out absolutely perfect! Thanks again for sharing;)

letter everything just fell into place. My speech
gravatar for Michael Werneburg I'm glad I could help. I seem to hear a similar story about once a week from similarly bereaved people.

All the best to you and your family.
gravatar for Mel
Thank-you soo much... My grandfather has recently passed and I needed to write a speech but just didn't know how to start and what to mention! You've helped so much. Really Appreciated !
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Glad to have helped, Mel.
gravatar for Michael
That was really moving, thank you for sharing this. You seem to me like an authentic person who sees things real, be proud of this.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Authentic? Well, thanks for that. I guess if you don't have personality, character can stand in its stead.
gravatar for rohit
My grandfather passed away 2 days bck . I wnt to say thanks for this. God bless u.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Glad I could help, Rohit! Be well.
gravatar for Abigail
Thank you so much! I have a project to write a 4 page funeral oration for an emperor of Ancient Rome and I didn't know how to make it sound less like a biography and more like a funeral oration. This really helped.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg I'm glad to hear. And a bit surprised.
gravatar for Alexis
It seems so movie TV drama...would it be bad to kind of joke? Because my great grandma just died and i don't really have emotions about anything...
gravatar for Michael Werneburg It's not really a joking matter, but you could always tell stories that will appeal to people based on your happy memories or funny incidents that showed the positive things about the deceased. All the best to you, whatever you decide.

P.S. Don't try to second-guess your emotional state; death is a shock and shocks are unpredictable. If you don't find yourself feeling what you'd expect, set aside expectation and go with what you really feel.
gravatar for Pri kimberley
Pri kimberley
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks!
gravatar for Shelby
Your speech has greatly helped me. My Grandfather just passed away Monday (06/25/12) and as a writer, I felt obligated to write something in honor and memory of him for his funeral. However, when I sat down to write the speech, I was at a loss. I just became very emotional and put off writing it. My older cousin decided to take the easy way out and make a photo power point, and now I feel as if I have a bar to reach with my speech. I was very close with my grandfather, as well as the rest of my family, but the words just would not come out. Then I stumbled upon google where I found your speech. I am so glad I did. Its given me a guide on what is okay to say. I've never been to a funeral before, so I'm basically winging it. But this put me in the right direction which I thank you for. Tomorrow I give (or attempt to) my speech. Let's hope this goes well.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg I'm glad I could be of some help, Shelby.
gravatar for Goodness
Thank you so much for this speech,it has really helped me for my project,all the same God bless you
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Glad it could help in some way.
gravatar for Michael ikechukwu
Hi Michael....! you just made my day full of Ecstasy... I'll use dis as my own speech 2 represent my department. Thanks brother...
Michael ikechukwu
gravatar for Michael Werneburg ...okay then?
gravatar for Emmanuel
I've been working on an assignment that involves speech writing.Now coming across ur speech just reminded me of my late grandpa.Its a good speech you wrote there nd i think it will me out in my speech writing.Dou mind
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks for your comments.
gravatar for Marie
Hi Michael,

Thank You! Your speech inspire my daughter to go before the family to speak about her grandfather. Young adults/teens sometimes have trouble speaking before an audience or expressing themselves clearly. Thanks again
gravatar for Michael Werneburg That's great to hear, Marie, thank you for taking the time to leave a note. I'm sorry to hear of your loss.
gravatar for gracefilled
this has helped me in my assignment on speech writting
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Great!
gravatar for Rev Fr François Kouao
Thank you so much Michael! Your speech has helped me to adjust my words and thoughts during the funeral service of a person who has become a father to me. God Bless!
Rev Fr François Kouao
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Very glad I could help. Thank you for taking the time to write.
gravatar for STEVEN DOUGLAS

gravatar for Michael Werneburg All the best, Steven, sorry to hear of your loss. Thanks for leaving a comment on my website.
gravatar for Layla
I luv ur speech can I use it as a project plz
gravatar for Michael Werneburg In a project? What kind of project is it, Layla?
gravatar for Melissa Kidd
Hi Michael - I found your page when my grandfather was terminally ill and in his final days a few weeks ago. I am not one to speak publicly, but knew I wanted to stand up at his funeral and say something to honour his memory - I just had no idea where to start...

Reading your speech gave me the strength to believe I could do the same and I used it as the foundation to prepare what ended up becoming his eulogy, which I delivered about one week later. (It turned out no one else had prepared a speech and I found out at the service that I was delivering the eulogy, not just one of a few or many speeches.)

If it had not been for your help, I could not have written the speech and despite a large family and nearly 100 people who attended the funeral, no one would have stood up to give a personal perspective of this amazing man's life. Even more amazing was that it even inspired my 14 year old son to stand with me and deliver a speech of his own at the funeral. I have never been more proud.

Thank you so very much for your kind and generous gift. I hope you have some sense of just how meaningful it has been to those of us who have borrowed your strength when we needed it most.
Melissa Kidd
gravatar for Michael Werneburg I'm very glad that I could help, Melissa. It's humbling that you were able to draw some strength from my scribblings. And your news about your son is encouraging, I can only hope that my kids (still small) will be that same way.

Thank you for taking the time to write!
gravatar for annynous
Thank you so much for your great words of advice. I an 13 and my grandpa died two days ago and it means alot that someone like you can help. I an sorry for your loss.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Glad I could help. All the best to you and your family.
gravatar for Cheri
I typed in "speech at a funeral" and yours was the first one (and only one) that I read. It is very beautifully written and your heart-felt memories about your grandfather made it easy for me to remember and write about my wonderful memories with my stepdad. Thank you for sharing.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback, I'm glad my speech for my grandfather helped.
gravatar for Anon

Thank you for posting your speech - it is wonderful. I also felt obligated to speak at my grandfather's funeral about 10 years ago. I have gone over the speech in my head ten thousand times since then. Family and friends came to me after the speech and told me it was awesome and I should have been a preacher. I also have some remorse about the speech, though, and I can't figure out if it is warranted or not - At a point in the speech, I stated that "I didn't have a father around for a few years when I was young" (due to my parent's divorce and a deadbeat dad - of course I didn't say that) and that "my grandfather treated me like a father treated his own son". Evidently, this ruffled my older brother and stepfather, as if I had put them in a bad light, and to this day I think it still is contentious. They have never said anything to me, but my wife heard rumblings. It was never my intention to hurt feelings - only to remind people of the type of man he was. Anyway, I've never discussed with my family and really just needed to get this off my chest. If I had to do it over again, I probably still would say the same thing but possibly put it differently, I don't know. Anyways, thank you for your blog and allowing me to post.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg It sounds like you probably hit the mark with your speech. If some people can't help but make it "about them" at a funeral, what can you do!

It's easy to see how a funeral can be an experience that stays with you: I had just come through the dissolution of my engagement to marry when my grandmother died, and I didn't have the reserves to speak at her funeral. I've always regretted that.

Thanks for taking the time to write.
gravatar for Steph

Having recently lost my very special 'Gramps' I would like to say some words at his funeral next week, but at the moment I can't find the words to truly capture what a wonderful man he was and how much we loved him.

I wanted to let you know that your tribute is fantastic, it sounds like your grandfather was a great inspiration to you. Thank you for sharing this.

gravatar for Michael Werneburg Very glad I could help, Steph. All the best in your time of grief.
gravatar for Kerry
This has really helped me a lot. What a lovely speech I have my grandads funeral next Thursday I was lost for words . X
gravatar for Michael Werneburg I'm very glad that it has helped you in some way. All the best in your time of grief.
gravatar for David
Thanks for this. my grandad died on sunday night peacefully. I want to say sometihng at his funeral because he was the best grandad i could ever think off. thanks for some ideas. going to use yours as a template.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks for leaving a note, David. I'm glad that I could in some small way help.

All the best to you and your family.
gravatar for Phoebe
This has helped so much in writing my speech at my Grandmother's funeral on Thursday as it is only the second funeral that I will have attended, and the first where the deceased will have been a close family member. This has helped me so much and I'm sure your Grandfather will be very proud of you for the beautiful eulogy and helping so many people in their time of need. Thank you.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg I'm very glad that I could help, Phoebe. I hope that the speech went well. All the best in your time of loss.
gravatar for Ezekiel
Hi Michael, am greatly relieved in seeing this. Thank you for this beautiful eulogy it‘s really a help.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Very glad to have helped, Ezekiel.
gravatar for Ray
Hey Michael, cheers this really helped me in preparing a speech for my grandmother that passed away recently, I was a bit stumped on how to write things but seeing your speech gave me ideas on how to start it and finish.

Thanks so much.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Glad to hear it, Ray. All the best with your speech and here's looking to a better day when your grief is past.
gravatar for Dhruvin
Hey Michael,

Thanks a lot for posting this speech .I too had a grandfather, until day-before-yesterday. I hope i can make up a decent speech for him. It helped , so thanks bro :)
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks for writing, Dhruvin. I'm very glad my humble website could help. All the best to you and your family, and good luck with the speech.
gravatar for jared luvaha
Thanx very much for posting the speech.It has helped me to finish my assignment on time.
jared luvaha
gravatar for Michael Werneburg What assignment was that, Jared?
gravatar for Megan
Thanks I loved it. Using

Parts for my grandads funeral.

gravatar for Michael Werneburg Glad it could help.
gravatar for
Best speech ever mate.great wisdom words carefully
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Glad I could help.
gravatar for sami
thanks for posting this, its beautiful, really helped me in my assignment :)
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Glad it could help. I have to say, that whenever I see a comment related to a school assignment I wonder what the purpose of the assignment is...
gravatar for funeral speech
Dear Michael,

Thank you for posting this, it's a beautiful funeral speech.
funeral speech
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Very glad you liked it.
gravatar for Wilhelm
Dear Michael,

Thanks for sharing your speech. I have to write a speech for my grandfather's funeral and I found yours most helpful.

Thanks for sharing!

gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks for your note, Wilhelm. All the best to you and your family in this time of loss. Good luck with your speech.
gravatar for Joy
Pwuh, heart felt, micheal can i use it as a funeral speech for my assignment
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Certainly, Joy. What's the assignment?
gravatar for Michelle
Hi Michael,

Did you ever think this post would still be helping people over 2 yrs after you posted? I just lost my grandfather last Saturday and the thought of writing a few words was just overwhelming. Thanks for alleviating some of my stress.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg I'm glad it could help, Michelle. All the best to you and your family in this difficult time.

P.S. I originally wrote and posted this in the late 90's, it's been about fourteen years. 8^/
gravatar for Crystal
Hi Michael

my grandfather passed away yesterday. i wasnt sure how to right a speach. but when i looked at thise post. i thought it is going to be hard and emotional but i'm going to get through it.

gravatar for Michael Werneburg I'm sorry for your loss, Crystal. All the best with your speech.
gravatar for Jules
Thanks for this wonderful speech... God bless everyone..
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks for your comment, Jules. 8)
gravatar for Amy Bryant
My 88 year old grandfather who is a WW II vet is coming home today from the hospital for in home hospice. He was diagnosed with Cancer nearly 3 years ago. He is an amazing man and I want to honor him when he passes. Your speech gave me a great format so I will hopefully be able to convey the perfect message.
Amy Bryant
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks for leaving your note, Amy. I'm glad you found something to make it easier.

All the best to you and your family.
gravatar for Christy
Thank you for sharing this speech. I am speaking at my grandfather's funeral tomorrow and was struggling prior to reading your speech.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks for your comment, Christy. Good luck with your speech, and I wish you and family well in your time of loss.
gravatar for Sphiwe
Hi its Sphiwe I lost my granddad thursday so am googling the speech 4 him please help
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Sorry to hear of your lost, Sphiwe. Is there any advice I can give that's not already in the article on my website?
gravatar for lucy
This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. It has provided so much inspiration in such a hard and tough time. I am currently in the midst of writing a speech for my grandma, who I was extremely close to. Trying to condense someone so wonderful's life, and all the fond memories and what they have taught you into a speech is really tough. Thanks again for sharing this!
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks for your kind comment. I agree, it's crazy and impossible but that's why I think it's important to speak to only one or two important things that the audience can share. All the best with your speech, Lucy, and to your family in their time of grief.
gravatar for Peter Kokou
My brother fell at sleep about three weeks ago in Africa. I am thinking of giving a speech but dont know how. Will you let me use some of your paragraphs. Thnaks
Peter Kokou
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Yes, use anything you like in preparing your own speech, Peter. Sorry to hear about your loss.

All the best to you and your family.
gravatar for Rajendra Patni
Its really nice and heart touching
Rajendra Patni
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks for your comment, Rajendra.
gravatar for James A Friend
Seriously thank you so much for posting this, It is so hard to find the words sometimes. This was truly inspiring. I am giving my speech at my grandfathers funeral tomorrow. So i think it is the least i could do to post what i am saying at my grandfathers funeral. These are more or less notes so please ignore my many errors.

Hi my name is James I am the oldest grandchild and Wesley’s favorite grandson (the only one). Thank you everyone for taking time out of your busy lives to be here with us to celebrate the life of Wesley . Wesley was the greatest grandfather a kid could ask for. Growing up nothing was more exciting than taking the long drive up the 5 to fresno to visit my grandparents. I remember all the warm days spent by the pool, and the many trips we went on. I remember the joy he brought in everything we did, whether it be a trip to story book land to retrieve a sorely lost shoe or a day spent at home watching football or golf with the bbq going and I remember playing cards and building forts. I remember his support in everything I pursued, whether it be the arts or photography or sports. He would teach me how to use my camera, come watch my football games, he would cherish everything I ever made in my art classes. He always had a way to help no matter what it was I did. He had an incredible talent, being a teacher, and as some of you may know I have not always been the best student, but I when he used to draw me problems out in his sketch book for some reason it always made a little more sense. He would sit with me out on the porch by the spa in that house in clovis I loved so much in my youth and draw out geometry theorems for me over and over until it finally sunk in. He was very patient with me. He would make sure to show me all angles of whatever it was to ensure I didn’t just know the formulas I understood them. In this time of celebration of his life I always try to remember that we carry him with us every day in everything we do. The thing I really wanted to say most, was just that, I see him in all of us, in my grandmother, my aunts and uncles, my sisters, my cousins, my own parents, especially my dad, everyone here today. Whether it be our sense of humor, our patience, our gift of teaching, our artistic talent, our general warm hearted disposition, our passion for life, and compassion for others, our incredible strength in the face of diversity, or even the trademarked stubbornness. I see him. It is amazing how much I see him. It fills me with a complex emotion I can’t quite explain. I feel how badly I miss him, but I also feel like he hasn’t left and he never will. because he lives on in us, I try to remember that he will always be with me in my heart, and I can always see him in yours. Thank you so much for coming.

Please to anyone going through a hard time like this just remember, you dont have to say something inspiring. Just say what how you feel. Say what you want to be said.

Thanks to everyone on this site

I hope everyone struggling will find what they are looking for.
James A Friend
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thank you, Jamaes, for sharing your words of remembrance and advice. All the best to your family at this time.
gravatar for Kristynn Lynn
Thank you for your help my grandfather passed on Christmas morning and I have a hard time writing speeches so thanks you gave me some pretty good ideas
Kristynn Lynn
gravatar for Michael Werneburg I'm glad it could help, Kristynn.
gravatar for celisha
Thank you .:)
gravatar for Michael Werneburg You're welcome.
gravatar for Ian smith
I have just lost mum and dad in a car accident I have no idea what to say I am to emotional to speak I am a introvert and shy to speak and I have no one to speak for me who will speak I am not going to
Ian smith
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Ian, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. It took me a few days to respond, and then I let that go a little long; I apologize.

I have been to funerals of loved ones where I was too upset to speak, myself. Don't blame yourself, it's entirely natural. I don't know if your parents' funeral has already happened, but if not I can only recommend that standing to speak should only be something that helps you, not something that adds to the anguish. Don't feel pressured to do something that will only add to the pain.

On the other hand, if you can find someone who can counsel you, the entire process might help you find strength and closure.

All the best in your time of loss.
gravatar for Bethany
This has been so useful, it's my Grandads funeral next week, I spoke at my Grandmas funeral but I read a poem and a poem doesn't somehow seem right for my grandad. But when I think back I couldn't pin point one specific thing to mention so this has helped a lot!
gravatar for Michael Werneburg I'm glad it could help, Bethany. All the best to you and your family in this time of grief.
gravatar for sam
Awesome! it helped me with my assignment, it is good that your granddad left.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Eh?
gravatar for Justine
WOW - what a touching speech! My grandfather passed away a few days ago and I found this so inspiring for my speech. Your grandfather sounded like a wonderful man - very similar to mine! It's amazing after so many years how appropriate your speech is. Thanks again.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thank you for your kind comments, Justine.

All the best to you and your family in this time of mourning. All the best with your speech.
gravatar for
Mine died two days ago that is beautiful
gravatar for Michael Werneburg All the best, anonymous commenter!
gravatar for Jackie Davis
Michael, after all the supportive and positive feedback you have received, I hope you are very proud of yourself, and if not you should be, especially doing so well after your accident! I lost my 34 year old Daughter and than my mother all in one week, and reading your eulogy has even helped me with my own grief. Well done Michael, your a shining light for a lot of people out here in the internet world!

Kindest regards

Jackie from Australia
Jackie Davis
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Oh, Jackie, I'm so sorry to hear of your terrible losses. It's deeply humbling that you would take the time to write under such circumstances.

All the best to you and your family in your time of grief.
gravatar for tumi
thanks michael i want to say thanks for giving me advise anyway i really enjoyed ur speech,i am going to use it to me late Mailula Tumi
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Thanks for writing. All the best with your speech.
gravatar for Ruby
Thank you for posting this speech. I am writing a novel, and in it a funeral takes place, where the grandfather of a protagonist dies. This really helped me think about the formality and content in a funeral speech for a grandparent.
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Glad I could help. That's certainly a first as far as feedback is concerned. Good luck with your novel, I spent years working on one myself.
gravatar for choolwe siamasamu
Hey Micheal your speech has given me an insight of a funeral speech my. Grandfather's memorial is scheduled for 24 October 2014
choolwe siamasamu
gravatar for Michael Werneburg Very glad to hear it. All the best in your time of loss.
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