Accounting for Non-Accountants

a book review

titleAccounting for Non-Accountants
authorWayne A. Label
date reviewed2013.06.07
genreBusiness (Management)

This is a no-nonsense introduction to accounting that covers financial accounting, GAAP, double-entry accounting, short- and long-term analysis, and budgeting. It's also got a chapter on each of audit and fraud.

It's a readable book with illustrative examples at all of the right places in text, following a small bicycle shop through set-up, major investments, incorporation, even an IPO and ensuing stock buy-back and further re-sale.

I purchased this book to give me a bit more depth in the field in preparation for the third exam of the internal audit certification program, and found that it hit the mark.

Strongly recommended for anyone looking for an introductory accounting text that's readable without going too far into detail. It also helps that it costs about $20, whereas full-blown accounting textbooks seem to cost more than $100 or even $200.


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