Exploring Manitoulin (Third Edition)

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titleExploring Manitoulin (Third Edition)
authorShelley J. Pearen
date reviewed2011.08.30
genreTravel Guidebooks

This is a guide to Manitoulin, the largest "freshwater island" in the world. It's a helpful guide that covers the island with obvious care, delving into the history and the places in considerably detail.

For practical matters, it assists with good maps and photos, some recommended tours, and a good directory to the things you need, such as hotels and camp sites.

This is not an immediately accessible, reference-style pocket guide book. It is a monograph and is designed for a thorough reading. At about 70,000 words, it's a substantial publication that goes well beyond the usual travel guide. It's ideal, I think, for an island about which little is written and to which fewer people travel than really should given the destination's beauty and serenity.

I recommend this book for anyone willing to read up about Manitoulin as a travel destination.


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