cycling on powder, cycling on ice

Toronto, 2019.03.19

Second day of cycling for the year, and I've managed to fall. I told Mari I'd be fine cycling because the streets were bare. Well, it turned out that the lakeshore trail was not clear, but it was a fine fresh powder and a nice change of pace for cycling. I rode on the tracks of a couple of dozen other cyclists.

It was once I was in the part of the city now known as "Corktown" that the rubber failed to hit the road. It's an areas where–in an effort to be cute–the city paved some of the streets with concrete "bricks". It's tough to ride on in the best of times, but the city had also salted one lane of the street I was on. This meant there was meltwater crossing compressed snow, and the whole mess froze. But on the bricks it just looked wet. Stupidly, I stopped for a stop sign at an intersection with no other traffic. Doing so, I slipped and fell.

But it was a gorgeous day! Sunny, -1°C, and everything white.

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(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

They that can give up liberty to obtain a little temporary security deserve neither liberty nor safety.

-Benjamin Franklin