dodged a $5 bullet

Toronto, 2013.06.04

Our son destroyed a brand new library book by tossing it into his backpack with a thermos bottle with the lid still unsealed. We wrote to the school telling them to bill us. Happily, the printed price on the book was only $5.

But the school wrote back telling us that considered it normal wear and tear, and that they wouldn't bill us.

This must be the "gravy train" we've been hearing so much about in Toronto civic politics. If I dare use "Toronto", "civic", and "politics" in one sentence.

Where's a our gravy-train-derailing mayor when we need him? Hmm, must be "around town" again.

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

...and when you try to get some, it surely can be hard. There's always trouble waiting, when you leave your own back yard.

-Motorhead, Lost Johnny (lyrics by Mick Farren)