why did it have to be a summer cold

Toronto, 2013.06.19

Sinuses throbbing, nagging cough, and sore throat. In late June. I was in a swimming pool for an hour or two on the weekend. Now I'm struggling with a sinus and chest cold like it's back in winter. Wait, could there be a causal relationship there?

And here I was about to dive into the ISO standards on risk management (ISO 31000) and IT governance (ISO 38500). For work, that is, not for entertainment. Now I'm just sitting around dully looking about the office.

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

In one of history's more absurd acts of totalitarianism, China has banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnation without government permission.

-Newsweek, Aug 20 2007