going back to school

Toronto, 2013.08.28

The results on the daily practice tests I've been doing for the CIA final exam are getting steadily better. I'm averaging 87% in the past four days, and each of those was half the size of the real exam (at forty-five questions). I guess I'm ready, and I believe I'll pass that exam.

So I'm applying for graduate school, where the CIA will earn me a waiver for the full first two years of the program. If all goes well, I'll be armed with an MSc in Risk Management at this time next year.

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

For a long time I was very bitter that the people who controlled the means of anybody ever hearing my songs were never gonna play them. They only favored music that I specifically and particularly hated, and I wanted them dead. Suddenly, there was another avenue. I started hearing my stuff coming out of bars and then it started to happen little by little — a movie song here or a TV ad there.

-Iggy Pop