happy November, drivers

Toronto, 2013.11.01

Today someone with a mobile device in his lap decided he'd had enough of waiting at the red light and made an abrupt left turn through the intersection, despite the fact that three lanes of one-way traffic were closing in from the right.

One of my coworkers, waiting behind that white car, commented on seeing my gesticulating and ranting after the driver. It was a hell of a ride in overall. No problems with the bike, no major delays, just as windy as it gets in this city and head-on. But the real news was that a closure on Dundas by the police turned out to have been an early-morning car crash at which a pedestrian died. Drivers of the city, get yer act together.

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

The true patriot challenges the state when the state embarks on enhancing its power at the expense of the individual.

-Ron Paul, May 2007