on selecting a professional designation

Toronto, 2013.11.28

Here's some interesting guidance I found, from a financial regulator on the concept of professional designations. I think it can apply to any field

"When deciding whether to approve the use of a [financial] designation, consider whether the designation has: (i) a rigorous curriculum; (ii) an emphasis on ethics; (iii) a continuing education requirement; (iv) a method for determining the individual’s current status regarding the designation; (v) a public disciplinary process; and/or (vi) been issued by a reputable or accredited organization."

Another document from the same source suggests the following questions:

To all of this, I would add: "Can the certification be obtained through a grandfathering clause that bypasses any exams?"

I wonder what "public disciplinary process" are in place with the associations behind the designations I've obtained. Hmm, I should probably know that.

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