today I pissed away $45

Toronto, 2014.08.25

I mis-heard a quote at a print house: I thought I was spending $16, but it came to $60; aging does not make you wiser.

Ah well, now I've got a copy of my dissertation printed in color (and a bit shoddily bound). Next time, I'm doing it online.

And in brighter news, I saved about $70 in labor by coming downtown to have my bike tuned, over the cost of doing so in the Beaches.

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reader comments

It's not pissed away when you get a degree out of it. What exactly do you mean by "next time"? (Hee)


No, no, this was just a copy for my own purposes. Nothing to do with getting the degree itself.


rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

The greatest of our crimes and the worst of our sins is poverty.

-George Bernard Shaw