a day of learning to .. influence

Toronto, 2014.11.08

I attended a Cycle Toronto event today, to learn how to be a better advocate for change in the city. A city Councillor attended to lead a session, as did a lobbyist, and a communications consultant. None were as interesting as the talk given by a fellow named Justin Jones who managed to get a cycle lane put in on a four-lane thoroughfare in Hamilton. In a short 16 months, he managed to get a separated lane put in on a high-speed road without impeding traffic. Very impressive!

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

Well, someone once told me that life is divided in three parts: at first, you have time and inclination but lack money. Then, you have money and inclination but lack time. Finally, you have money and time but lack inclination. :-)

-Andreas Plath