a German santa told me "hajimemashite"

Toronto, 2015.12.12

Today a German Santa Claus told me "hajimemashite". We were introduced at a kids' Christmas party. We'd both been told that our fathers were the same German city (Hannover) and I suppose he'd been told that I had lived in Japan for a time.

The kids had fun. One little girl had a meltdown and wouldn't go near Santa. But it wasn't our little girl; I suppose that's in part because our Emma's not really that little any more (but it would be nice if she slept through the night once in a while at 3.5 years old!)

Meanwhile, I showed Ken how to play billiards. Once again, he displayed no hesitation in learning something new, and managed to sink a few balls. It's just his natural ability to learn like a sponge.

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

You have to be straight with people and your word has got to be your bond.

-John Mudd