Simcity 4 on a Mac

Toronto, 2016.09.04

Thanks to the "WINE" emulator, I'm now running my antique license of "SimCity 4" to show my son my old cities. It's funny how we have the ability to share our old games with our kids through the magic of our digital devices and a RAID 1 device.

It took some doing, though. The first time I started up the game, I learned that my version of the Mac OS (10.10) didn't support the old game any more. Apparently it was an old PowerPC version being run under some form of emulation that's not done these days.

So I bought the Mac version currently available on some shadowy intermediary called "Steam*" for $20, a port that came out in the past two years. But it would only crash on start-up. A quick check around the fora found that it's a common problem with only a couple of possible solutions which I tried unsuccessfully. Between "Steam", and the publisher - a company called Aspyr - no one could help me get it to work. They wanted me to buy a new adapter for my 2009-era Mac Mini and bog standard Dell 2007FP. I wouldn't know where to start, and they didn't know what adapter to recommend.

I have to hand it to them, they bothered to port this thing in 2013-2014, but managed only to make something shittier than running the original 2003 Windows binary. Under WINE of all things!

The Boy's really gotten into the game, now. It's still a superb game, and the network of user-created additions and whatnot is still going strong. Hooray!

*I say shadowy because its use requires the installation of some do-nothing software shell that spams you with constant ads. Thanks for nothing.

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