the boy has figured out the Easter bunny

Toronto, 2017.04.17

A friend made a comment about hiding Easter eggs, within earshot of my son; this led to something unexpected.

First, of course: he demanded to know the truth. That led directly to the Tooth Fairy, and then Santa Claus. All as one might expect. But then he said, "So you bought the train set this Christmas? I'm only going to ask for cheap things from now on."

He's also vowed to help let his little sister enjoy her childhood believing in the magical aspect of it all.

And then, at dinner with two other families, he decided against sitting at the child's table (with five girls all under the age of seven) and ate the adult fare with the adults.

A big day for a nine year old.

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reader comments

He's still got some growing up, there is more to the tooth fairy (and Hogfather) than meets the eye -


Well, he cannot help them now. Nor they, he.

God I miss Pratchett.


rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

I feel fortunate that I enjoyed the blandishments of modernity. I had hip replacement and root canal. I was able to travel on airplanes. I was able to take cheap food for granted. I went to the movies. I enjoyed rock 'n' roll. And now I'm ready to move on.

-James Howard Kunstler