my mind, mapped

Toronto, 2017.05.05

I did a personality test of sorts, and learned I'm an odd duck. The test is at MindTime, and is trivially easy to complete.

Here's what it told me:

my mind time map

interpreting my mind time map

It's odd that someone can be at once forward-looking and backward-looking, and somehow disinterested in the now. Not very Jedi of me!

Maybe "odd duck" is a bit harsh. Maybe "rare bird"?

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reader comments

I vote for rare bird and the best kind.

Sue Masterson

Twee, tweet.

rare bird


rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

We kill the cows to make jackets out of them, and then we kill each other for the jackets we made out of the cows.

--Denis Leary