the ground beneath me sags

Toronto, 2017.07.27

The excavation next door to us seems to be causing subsidence in our yard. As I was hauling my bike up the steps last night in the gloom of yet another rainy evening, I felt some of the stones shift beneath my feet. It was the end of a very long day, and I wasn't entirely sure that I'd felt that right so I tried the spot again and sure enough, several of the bricks are on ground that seems to be giving way.

Given that there's a deep excavation immediately adjacent, and given the sandy nature of the soil, and given the incessant rain this year, I'm able to deduce that there's trouble brewing.

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

On the endless saga of Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto; "It shouldn’t have had to come to this. I’m so tired of getting up every morning and wondering, 'What will it be today?' I’m so tired of giving the benefit of the doubt again and again, only to be let down again and again. . . . Somewhere a responsible adult has to appear, draw a bright moral line, tell the truth and say unequivocally what won’t be tolerated. Somebody has to do the right thing."

-Denzil Minnan-Wong