a week of green

Toronto, 2017.11.14

Still no change to the migraines, but I'm prepared to stand by the assertion that the green lights are helping me sleep. I've managed to get through every night of the first week (and change!), we'll see if I can keep it up for a month.

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reader comments

that in itself should hopefully eventually make a difference to the head. Not sure I'm finding a difference, either, especially since the pattern had already changed. But boy, I've slept a lot (just not necessarily through the night). Fingers crossed for you, still.


And you!


rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

There is no greater fault than ambition, no greater curse than discontentment, and no greater sin than greed. The one who is contented with contentment shall always be contented.

- Lao Tsu