the neglected fountain pen

Toronto, 2017.11.29

During the height of the craziness when I was doing my masters degree, my brother gave me a fountain pen. I seem to have set it aside in a pen-holder on my desk ever since. Some three years later, I've picked it up at last.

It had a lot of dried ink inside the nib and whatever you call the part that holds that. I was cleaning it and realized how much ink there really was still in the system. Took it to work to use through the day to use up the re-watered ink and it wrote all day. And it writes wonderfully! I've now picked up some ink cartridges, and have started writing letters. Woohoo!

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

A creative person would prefer their music to be stolen and enjoyed than ignored. This is the dilemma for every creative soul: he or she would prefer to starve and be heard than to eat well and be ignored.

-Pete Townshend