small fish day

Kushima, Japan, 2018.07.16

We went out with Mari's uncle once again, this time with Mari and Emma. I brought along a couple of small rods, one of which I'd bought (for the princely sum of $23) to mate with an ultralight reel that I brought from Canada, the other was The Boy's ice fishing rod. We stayed mostly in the shallow waters of the estuary and harbor, and the areas around the fish- and oyster-farms. We must have caught north of 20 fish, mostly smaller stuff of course.

fish on!
fish on!

two fishermen
two fishermen

We had one surprise: while out on the open water, there was a sudden commotion and two 50cm squid exploded from the water. One grazed Mari's face, bounced off Emma, and landed on the deck. The other squid bounced off the hull and was out of sight immediately. But the squid on the deck sprayed ink everywhere - absolutely everywhere. Mari's uncle knocked the thing into the live well and he and Mari's mum began cleaning up the ink while Mari, Ken, and Emma recuperated from the shock.

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