goodbye, 2018

Toronto, 2019.12.31

People seemed to behave like 2018 was a bad year, but I think I had a good one. Certainly, the month-long jaunt to Japan in the middle was a memorable change of pace. I've got aging parents and my kids seem to be dealing with new challenges where I feel increasingly useless, and I'm still amazingly incapable of building anything like what you'd call "life savings" and we're getting increasingly desperate warnings from the people watching the economy and ecology. But here we are: the madness of King Louie in the 'States is just background noise as we keep on raising the brats and taking care of each other. Yeah, 2018 was challenging but good.

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

Your body is a temple. It is also your dance hall, your bowling alley, and your pizza parlor.

--Jonathan Katz