Photos of my time in that country, 2005-2010.
hakone 2005/08hakone 2005/08
hiroshima 2006/03hiroshima 2006/03
Shizuoka is a district in Japan just west of Yokohama and Mt. Fuji. It's a place where the weather is more moderate and the pace a touch more relaxed.
Kamakura is one of the medieval capitals of Japan, and a place studded with interesting cultural sites.
Thousands of photos from the largest and busiest city in the world.
izu peninsulaizu peninsula
The Izu peninsula in Japan is a lovely little patch of the Filipines plate welded onto the coast of Japan. It's riddled with such delights as hot springs, ryokan, and geological artifacts. And it's well worth repeat visits.
miyazaki 2006miyazaki 2006
We went to Miyazaki in September of 2006. We started the trip as girlfriend and boyfriend, and finished as an engaged couple.
life in japanlife in japan
$26 melons are just the beginning. This is a collection of photos that document slices of life in Japan.
matsushima, 2008matsushima, 2008
In April, 2008, four of us went on a little trip to Matsushima on the north-east coast of the main Japanese island of Honshu. We were Mari, my mum, little 建 and me.
miyazaki 2008miyazaki 2008
Trips to Miyazaki -- the ancestral Kanemaru homeland -- in 2008.
kobe '08kobe '08
From a two-day trip to Kobe, in western Japan
2007—okutama hike2007—okutama hike
Four of us went on a hike in the hills south-west of Tokyo. It's called Okutama, and is where Tokyo's drinking water originates.
Kyushyu is the south-western member of the four-island main archepelago that makes up Japan. It's got a great climate (warm and pleasant if you don't mind the odd typhoon), great food, and the kind of wacky growing season where the citrus ripen in January.
I went on a trip to Kawagoe with a friend (and fellow survivor of a bank's implosion). Kawagoe is a town with many of the old clay-built buildings that date to the Edo period. They are big buildings with thick walls that keep the inside temperature steady while also providing proof against fire and water.
Japan has a lot of street festivals. I love shooting 'em.
From time to time I come across bonsai trees. I like to view the things, even if I've proven crap at growing them. This is my slowly-growing collection of photos of very slowly-growing dwarf trees.
2010—exploring tottori2010—exploring tottori
While in Tottori for a wedding, we did some exploration!
visiting the goddess kannonvisiting the goddess kannon
We went to Ofuna to visit the shrine of the goddess Kannon.
2010—kamakura tour2010—kamakura tour
It may be trite but I take people to Kamakura when they visit in Tokyo. On this tour in 2010 we rented bikes, adding greatly to our reach and our appreciation of the town.
2010—steam train to minakami2010—steam train to minakami
We took a two hour trip to Minakami (水上), Japan in September 2010. The trip culminated in a lunch and dip in an onsen, then a return. I highly recommend the trip for anyone interested.
one day in chiba and saitama – barelyone day in chiba and saitama – barely
One day in September I decided to cycle from Shinagawa to the point on the Edogawa (river) where Saitama, Chiba, and Tokyo prefectures meet. These are the photos.
2010—miura peninsula2010—miura peninsula
We took a day trip to the Miura peninsula south of Yokohama in September of 2010.
japan's temples and shrinesjapan's temples and shrines
Japan is sprinkled liberally with shrines, and has many temples.
Miyazaki, JapanMiyazaki, Japan
I've been to Miyazaki on a number of occasions and thought I'd share the sites I've seen.