the nature of reality

m. werneburg, 2000

I am very wise. I mean I must be, I have a website! And that's how it works, right?

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the abattoir – my ghost story


And now I'd like to tell my ghost story.

my grandfather's funeral speech


This is the text of the speech I gave at my grandfather's funeral, along with some notes for anyone who has a speech of their own to right.

turning thirty


And then, quite suddenly, I turned thirty.

on juggling and Buddhism


Juggling is a Buddhist endeavour. The trick is not so much in throwing the balls or in catching them or even in the timing. The trick is letting go.

my struggle with migraine


Since a fall from a slide as a toddler, I've been getting migraines. This is my journal about what I'm doing about it.

luck (and bird shit)


One of my beliefs is that everything in life is attributable in some (large) respect to luck.

allosaurus vs. t-rex


My son is, as I write this, four years old. He's been a rabid fan of dinosaurs for over half his life. Curiously, he prefers the T-Rex to the Allosaurus. Here's why he's wrong.

turning forty


Wow, I've turned forty. And it's wrought some changes!

turning forty-five


They say 40's the new 30. Maybe. But 45's still 45.

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rand()m quote

(In which I leave the final word to someone else.)

I feel fortunate that I enjoyed the blandishments of modernity. I had hip replacement and root canal. I was able to travel on airplanes. I was able to take cheap food for granted. I went to the movies. I enjoyed rock 'n' roll. And now I'm ready to move on.

-James Howard Kunstler

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