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m. werneburg, 2017.04.09

Have you ever dreamed of photographing the Japanese city of Kyoto? Is your trip already planned? This book is your guide.

Photographer Patrick Hochner and author Richard Brown had partnered on this, the second in a series of photographer's guides to world cities. Its simple aim is to make the most of your visit to the city.

(c) Patrick Hochner

Both contributors have lived in the country for decades and are married to Japanese nationals. They've figured out what's worth doing and how to make the most of it – the times of day, the times of year, the approaches and the techniques.

(c) Patrick Hochner

Though the book is richly full of superb photography, it's not destined for your coffee table. This is a guide, complete with maps and explanations as to what will and will not work at different times. I lived in Japan for a number of years myself, and like the two fellows who produced this book, am married to a Japanese national. My wife and I have used a few guide books in both languages and agreed that this is authentic not only in our experience traveling in Kyoto but accurately explains getting around in Japan in general.

(c) Patrick Hochner

This photo is a superb example: I've visited Kyoto with my own Japanese-national wife. We had no idea you could tour boats that ply the water for cormorants! The book tells you not only how to get out onto those boats but how to shoot the affair to capture images like this disturbingly good one.

If you're heading for Kyoto with a camera, this is your book.

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